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13 Nov

7 Reasons Why You Need Domain Privacy Protection

Nearly 1.9 billion records containing personal data have been compromised between January 2017 and March 2018. 75% of data breaches occur due to external hackers and data attackers. More importantly, the average cost of a single data breach can be as high as $3.62 million! Given how damaging data breaches can be, you need to take domain privacy protection seriously. What Is Domain Privacy Protection? When you register a domain name, your personal details are saved in a publicly available database called WHOIS. Domain privacy protection is basically an ‘add on’...

11 Nov

WordPress Vs. Joomla! Vs. Drupal: Which CMS Is the Best for Your Website?

WordPress, Joomla!, and Drupal — these are three of the most popular tools you can use to build and run your own website. But of the three, which one should you choose — and does it really matter? If you choose the wrong CMS, i.e., one that’s too simple or too complex for you, you’ll get stuck and have a hard time moving your website over to another CMS. That’s because each CMS has its own set of themes and extensions which your website runs, making it incompatible with the others. This makes...

7 Nov

Why You Need Automated Website Backup

Anyone who has a website knows how important it is to ensure that it stays up and running at all times, no matter what. Having a solid backup and restore service is vital to your website and business if you are going to guarantee any level of uptime for your followers and customers, but what elements need backing up? These include things like plugins, customized code, databases, scripts, and so much more. Think of all the time spent editing your media, like photos and videos, or any other content you...

26 Oct

Essential WordPress Plugins Your Website Needs

Love ‘em or hate ‘em — without plugins, your WordPress website won’t be able to do everything you might need. Plugins add cool new functionality to your WordPress website, provide services that make it more secure, and give you access to an unlimited amount of exciting tweaks and tricks. In fact, right now, there’s more than 56,000 plugins on the WordPress store you can choose from. In this article, we’ve cherry-picked 11 must-have plugins for your WordPress website. Some are essential and should be installed on every website, while others...

26 Oct

How To Choose The Right Domain Name and Extension For Your Website

Just as you have a first name and a surname, your domain extension is essentially your domain’s “surname.” It’s what completes your website address and assigns it a place on the internet. It gives your domain name the much needed “finishing touch”, making it recognizable and distinct with an identity of its own. Clearly, not taking your domain name and extension seriously would be a huge business mistake. Not paying attention to your domain name and extension could cost your business its identity! The last thing you want is your...

12 Oct

Infographic: A Guide to VPS Hosting

VPS is a virtual private server for your website. It's a more affordable and easier to maintain option than a dedicated server, and also more secure and sophisticated than the shared hosting option. It can be thought of as an online private room all for your website. Once you decide to switch to VPS hosting, there are important things to plan for, considering what you need and what you can get. This infographic will tell you what are some of the most important benefits of VPS hosting and what you need...